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Pet of the Month August 2014


Jacques Petch is our Pet of the Month


Pet of the Month Image


Jacques is an 8 year old terrier who loves to be out and about exploring with his owners. Jacques was doing just that the other day. He was playing down by the river, as he had done on many occasions. Unfortunately this day would not turn out like any other.

As Jacques rummaged around by the river an unmanned fishing pitch proved to be very dangerous for Jacques. He picked up and ate a piece of discarded bread, or so it was thought. A neighbouring fisherman was to reveal that in fact the bread he had eaten was still attached to the fishing hook. Jacques had swallowed the entire thing. As you can imagine Jacques owners were horrified and their immediate reaction was to get help. Jacques was brought straight to the practice where he was seen immediately.

Unfortunately Jacques had decided to make quite a meal of it, most fish hooks get stuck in the mouth but Jacques had been so keen he managed to swallow the hook and lodge it in his oesophagus, just by the entrance to his chest .This can be potentially life threatening.

Jacques was anaesthetised and radiographed to identify the hooks position.

X-ray image of Jacques

Then using one of our Endoscopes and the very fine instruments that pass through the scope the hook was removed without the need for surgery.

So far Jacques is making a very uneventful recovery unaware of how serious the condition could have become had the hook perforated the oesophagus.