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Pet of the Month February 2015


Sammy Dickons is our Pet of the Month


Pet of the Month Image


Pet of the Month Image

Sammy’s owner says “Sammy is a quiet, gentle, good natured cat, always purring, even when being examined by the vet! Approximately 17 years ago she walked into my husband’s ground floor office in Stockton. She was distressed and meowing loudly for food. She was very thin and dirty and was later found to have a nasal condition and to be pregnant. After a short stay with the Cat Protection League in Billingham she came to us”.

“Being a stray and used to being very hungry, Sammy understandably ate to excess, obviously worried she would never eat again! She would eat my other cat’s food as well as her own, my husband and I were out at full time work and she gained a lot of weight”.

Penny, our veterinary surgeon continues, “Sammy’s weight rose to over 7.5kg (over 16lbs) so we advised a special diet food and regular weight checks. Over time Sammy got down to around 5kg in weight and stayed stable at this until very recently. Sammy at the age of 17 years old then started to lose weight with no change to her diet. This alerted us to examine Sammy and run some blood tests which confirmed that Sammy’s thyroid levels were far too high. Older cats can get growths in their thyroid glands which make them over produce thyroid hormone. These cats will lose weight and if not treated will go into heart failure”.

“Sammy had an operation in January to remove an enlarged thyroid gland and she is doing very well. She just has a bald neck for now!

“We expect Sammy to stop losing further weight – but we will be watching that she doesn’t gain too much!”