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Pet of the Month July 2013


Esther Soulsby is our Pet of the Month


Rosie McElvaney

Rosie McElvaney



Esther is a 6 year old Bullmastiff. She came for her annual health check and booster the other day and it was a treat to see her looking so well and happy.

We first saw Esther in June 2011 weighing 48.5kg. She was healthy but not very active, just a quiet easy going companion. Her owner didn’t realise that Esther was overweight but was willing to try and get her weight down understanding the benefits of improving both the quality and length of her life.

After seven months on a light diet from home she had only lost just over a kg. She was so quiet and hadn’t lost much weight that we took a blood sample to check that her thyroid levels were normal. Sometimes large dogs like Esther have an underactive thyroid which makes them prone to being too heavy amongst other signs. Fortunately Esther had a normal result.

Esther started on a specific weight reduction diet (R/D Hills) along with regular weight checks so that she had the right amount of food to give her a steady weight loss. Within four months of starting the R/D Esther weighed 39.5kg a fantastic loss of nearly 8 kg. But better than this Mr Soulsby was delighted to report that Esther was a new dog; running around and playing, even enjoying a ball on her own if there was no-one to join in. A little bit more weight off and Esther stopped R/D and went onto Hills maintenance light.

Esther has been eating normal food and maintaining her trim figure of less than 36kg for nine months now. We can hardly imagine how she could carry around an extra 13kg of fat. No wonder she was quiet and slow!

Esther is our July Pet of the Month because of her zest for life and how we rediscovered her. Mr Soulsby has done a great job as diet-master (He’s also good at tiling and plastering….!)