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Pet of the Month October 2013


Penny Munro is our Pet of the Month


Dusty Jobling


Penny is a lovely happy little 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier who probably carries little dog syndrome too far. She decided one day that instead of eating her food she would eat her friends food, Daisy. This would have been fine apart from the fact Daisy is a German Shepherd and Penny finished the lot! She went on to develop severe vomiting and diarrhoea Penny subsequently became very poorly. After several days of hospitalisation and intravenous fluids and medications it was decide to perform a laparotomy (surgery where we go into the abdomen) At surgery Penny had an enterectomy with several inches of bowel being remove as she had developed a septic peritonitis.This is s huge piece of surgery the good news is Penny sailed through it.


Penny has now fully recovered and amazingly shows no symptoms at all from her ordeal and still trots into the practice, she probably thinks it’s her second home!


Definitely a case of "your eyes are bigger than your belly”!

Well done Penny for being such a brilliant patient throughout.