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Pets in the News

(May 2015)


Henry Cox


Pet in the News Image

Henry is what could be referred to charitably as a little character, possibly other phrases have been used in the past when he has decided he was going to be less than co operative!

Worryingly for his owners Henry suffered from a type 3 spinal disc extrusion in January. This left him unable to walk or feel his back legs.


Radiographs and an MRI scan confirmed the diagnosis. It was decided to treat Henry conservatively with pain killers and physiotherapy. Thanks to the perseverance and patience of Henry’s owners he has done brilliantly. He now gets around at home in his own fashion and is a happy dog.


He had intensive hydrotherapy in our treadmill tank to begin with and now comes in every few weeks. I would like to say as a sign of gratitude Henry has now become a very amenable little dog at the practice, I am not sure why but he will pretty much let us do anything to him and wags his tail to boot!.


His improvement and continued recovery is a great credit to his spirit and the dedication of his owners