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Welcome to our practice, If your pet has kept in good health there will probably be areas of the practice you have never seen, but it’s good to know all these facilities are available if they are needed.


Penny and Derek designed the practice back in 1999 and we are still very proud of how it looks and functions. We were lucky enough to be nominated and win the Veterinary Business Journal award for practice design of the year, beating practices from all over the country.


Please have a good look around...



Reception and Waiting Room

Here at Copeland Vets we are very proud of our waiting room, it is spacious, bright and clean. As soon as you walk through the door our reception team are there to greet you. Offering a warm friendly environment helps to relieve what can sometimes be a stressful time for owners and their pets.

We have lots of goodies on display from cuddly toys to pet food and accessories. We also display lots of very useful information leaflets, most have been written by our vets in their own words.


We encourage our clients to pop in to the practice for weight checks or even just a chat; this will help your pet to feel a little more relaxed when they are here for a consultation.


There is always something going on in our waiting room. It really is the heart of our practice.



We are one of only a couple of practices in the north of England to have our own hydrotherapy treadmill. This facility gives us an enormous advantage when rehabilitating surgery cases such as cruciate ruptures(knee surgery) and fractures. The treatment of many chronic otherwise debilitating arthritic cases such as hip dysplasia can be massively improved with hydrotherapy. With spinal cases we can often see fantastic results. We are very lucky to be able to offer this type of therapy to our patients.

The water walker uses water set at different levels allowing us to manipulate the dogs movement patterns and different speeds. The water is a warm pleasant 26 degrees. Most patients begin with a session once or twice a week then as they improve go to monthly sessions.

The main benefits from hydrotherapy are:

  • Exercise in a controlled and supported environment
  • Gradual increase in amount and range of exercise tailored for each patient
  • Increases muscle bulk and cardiovascular fitness
  • Dogs like playing in water!


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When our pets are ill we as owners are more likely to use all means possible to help diagnose and treat the pets problem. Ultrasound is an ideal non-invasive procedure to help establish a faster and more accurate diagnosis. We can very quickly see images of the heart, vital organs and also to confirm pregnancy. Ultrasound technology is normally associated with specialist referral veterinary centres, so we are extremely privileged to have such advanced equipment available to us.


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Having the pharmacy in the practice is an extremely valuable day to day facility. It allows our Veterinary Surgeons to prescribe and dispense medication as and when it is required. We keep detailed records of all our pharmaceutical stock and replenish our stock when necessary. The benefits of having the Pharmacy allows our clients to have their pets examined, diagnosed and treatment given, without the need to visit a chemist to pick up the prescribed medication. Thus maintaining the high level of quality service we strive to deliver.


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Operation Prep Room

We are very lucky to have such a magnificent operating suite and a level of clinical equipment usually only found at referral practices. We believe this investment allows us to provide an amazing level of care for your pet’s right here on Teesside.

The operating area has been designed to have a spacious prep area where your pets are anaesthetised prior to surgery. As this area is large and airy pets feel less confined and less stressed.

Once anaesthetised the animals are clipped and prepared before moving through to the sterile operating theatres.


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Operating Theatre

Our operating theatre was one of the first in the country to use so much glass and has now been copied by many practices. The theatre is equipped with everything you would expect from a modern hospital op room. Heart and breathing monitors ( ECG, pulse oximetres, capnograph) . Anaesthetic trolley, hydraulic table and positive gas scavenging.

The standard of the theatre allows us to carry out many advanced procedures not available to other practices.


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An endoscope is a long fibre optic cable. Which produces a large magnified image on a video screen. The big advantage of endoscopy is it allows us to view inside the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract without any incisions. We use the endoscope routinely to take stomach biopsies and check for gastric foreign bodies. The endoscope also allows us to look along the length of the respiratory system from the back of the throat down the trachea(wind pipe) into the smaller airways. The endoscope is a invaluable non invasive tool enabling us to diagnose and treat many problems without more aggressive invasive surgery.


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Radiography or xrays are still the most frequently used investigation tool allowing us to get great images of bones, spines and soft tissues including chest and abdomen.

We have a high capacity unit which allows us to take radiography equally well for a 20 gram hamster to a 75kg Great Dane.


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Dental Suite

Its common practice for us to visit the dentist regularly, but how often do we consider our pets teeth? Probably not as often as we should. Pets need regular dental checks and most will need a dental procedure at least once in their lifetime.

We have a dedicated dental area, furnished with a dental table and an air driven dental unit. This is the same sort of unit you would find at your own dentist. It has a scaler, polisher and drill. Modern air driven machines allow us to treat your pets teeth more accurately quicker and with much less post operative pain


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Kennels/ Recovery Area

We have designed the practice to have several kennel areas. One of these is immediately next to the operating room with a large glass panel, this allows us to give constant observation to our intensive care patients.

Upstairs away from the main kennel block (in the office ) there is another kennel block for the more nervous cats and dogs.

We have a large “walk in” kennel for our larger patients.

The kennels have been designed to provide both a hygienic and comfortable relaxed environment.


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Our Building & Parking


The practice was designed by vets and every detail was carefully planned to create the best possible environment for patients, owners and staff.
When deciding on the location of the practice it was paramount that the access and parking facilities should be a prime consideration. This was all achieved at the heart of Ingleby Barwick, not only are there ample parking spaces, we have also provided a disabled access to the building.


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